Welcome to Doghouse Books

About DOGHOUSE Books

DOGHOUSE was founded by accident in May 2003 when it was suggested to the founders that they edit an anthology of writers who had read at Poets' Corner, Tralee to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the readings series. A shed which used to house greyhounds was donated and converted for office space, hence the name DOGHOUSE. The anthology, Heart of Kerry, was launched in January 2004 and after announcing that "manuscripts were welcome" the "floodgates" opened, etc., etc.

Mission Statement

DOGHOUSE is an independent, non-profit taking imprint that used to publish four to six titles a year from open submissions by Irish born or Irish based writers in the disciplines of poetry and short stories; predominantly solo collections of poems by Irish born or Irish based writers, both 'of note' and those reaching book form for the first time. All in all, 49 volumes of poetry have been published in the course of the last ten years.