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Between the Lines

By Karen O'Connor

Between the Lines

Between the Lines Details:

Published: June 2011

Sample piece from Between the Lines

The Wardrobe

That narrow wood door
with its mirror
like a pane of glass.
Inside, one rail, jammed
full of clothes
we'd never seen her wear,
the Bolero fox-fur she'd worn
to someone or others wedding
back before we were born,
the dresses and Edam cheese
coat with the button-down lapel.
She'd take them out
smooth the pressed wrinkles
someday, she'd say,
I'll go somewhere posh
enough to wear these.
And butterflies would emerge
nested from our last exploration
brightening the room,
she'd throw her head back
and laugh - even the butterflies
found it funny
Then she'd tie the fox-fur
round my shoulders
slip her Cinderella heels on my feet
and present me to the mirror.
Beyond, the handsome prince
his white horse patient in his waiting
pushing me towards him
her smile in reflection
nodding her assurance
the butterflies sitting in her hair.

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