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Both Sides Now

By Peter Keane

Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now Details:

Published: September 2004

Cover Design: Anna O'Byrne

Sample piece from Both Sides Now


Now Edward is a curious man
Well into his allotted span
Each evening finds him in the park
Happy in the semi-dark

By day he checks his chosen site
Then lurks there in the fading light
To startle each approaching smasher
The fact is; Edward is a flasher

For years this hobby he's pursued
Well aware that it is rude
But standing there, his knees like jelly,
Is better than just watching telly

Sometimes all consuming rapture
Hampers his escape from capture
But still he gets a certain buzz
When he is picked up by the fuzz

There was a time some years ago
When certain ladies in the know
Would creep along from tree to tree
Just to see what they might see

But so long has he pursued his goal
That time's begun to take its toll
And now it's plain for all to see
He's not the man he used to be

Some cheeky girls when they pass by
Now boldly look him in the eye
But that is better still by half
Than those who only look and laugh

Each winter when the winds grow higher
He wonders if he should retire
But then as spring is drawing near
He sticks it out for another year

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