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The Moon Canoe

By Jerome Kiely

The Moon Canoe

The Moon Canoe Details:

Published: April 2010
ISBN:       978-0-6564280-1-8

Cover Design: Kathleen Gormley
Kathleen Gormley's website

Sample piece from The Moon Canoe

Ash Wednesday Sermon to my Cat

You'll have to do some fasting, Majesté,
in reparation for your grievous sins.
How many times have you obscured my view
of Epsom Downs or Fairyhouse
by leaping on the television stand
to ogle all the roguish mice you see.
And where are all the bluetit geishas gone?
Thou shalt not kill the beautiful!
And you are not responsive in the nights
to handclaps echoing off walls
when you should be bed-blanketed
instead of north in Leary's field
vigilling with rabbits. Why won't you obey?
You'll have to do some fasting, Majesté!

You'll have to do some fasting, Majesté,
in reparation for your faults of character.
You snarl and spit at Max the gentle labrador
all out of racial prejudice.
Beg for food? Not you. Hubris is the chair
you bring to table: you are waited on with plate
where you have splayed your paws commandingly.
I hoe the flower bed and you decide, you sybarite,
it is a scented new latrine.
Only if I'm watching will you soar
up on the rocket of the sycamore
and hang like a koala by one arm
out along a daring branch,
you blatant exhibitionist.
And you're a devious cat:
with scheming eye, on sportive back
you land a sucker punch on me
and make my veins to yelp
the very time my fingers fondle and play.
You'll have to do some fasting, Majesté!

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