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By Karen O'Connor


FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas) Details:

Published: April 2005
ISBN:       0-9546487-5-7

Cover Design: Pauline Bewick
Pauline Bewick's website

Sample piece from FINGERPRINTS (On Canvas)

Limerick Races

We make the pilgrimage
in your honour
suffer the bitter cold
to feel the flutter you felt
when fourteen horses move
towards one goal, one line and victory
with a pound each way
I know why you left us
each St. Stephen's Day
made the journey, never missed us
while we sat at home and wondered
where you went
in trust, we try
but history holds the last card
and we're all magpies too
like you
guaranteed to pick the loser
we laugh, as you would have
about our failures on the field
and when the cold seeps through our shoes
we'll down hot whiskies in your memory
and wonder why their warmth
will never reach our feet
before the odds are given
and we're our father's children

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