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Meeting Mona Lisa

By Tommy Frank O'Connor

Meeting Mona Lisa

Meeting Mona Lisa Details:

Published: July 2011

Sample piece from Meeting Mona Lisa

Sacred Place

(Garden of the Senses, Tralee Town Park)

In the archive of the Senses
each time we see, feel, taste, hear or smell,
we do not do so in Irish, English, French,
or in any language of the tongue,
but rather in the grammar of the soul.

Here in the shrine of sense and season,
a Standing Stone aligned with Scotia's Glen
reminds and reconnects us with a past
that has sustained our progress through its turmoil
to celebrate today with a vision.

A Neolithic Henge invites our touch,
curve and crevice throb as if they breathe
our wonder at ancestral care of things God given
and the hands that then enhance their contour.

The Cauldron of the Dagda, the Good God
of endless bounty, reminds us of the hungry
who feasted on its favour, engraven deities
dispense their promise in spring water.

A pair of Bronze Age horns, secrets
of a Clogherclemin bogland that yielded six such
tubes, that once enhanced young voices of our ancients,
re-echo timeless craft, resounding sound.

Wizard King Cú Roí MacDaire's sandstone chair,
relocated within view of Sliabh Mis mother,
induces us to linger in the fragrance lazing here.
How many have tried this ancient boulder throne?
How many will again while time meanders here?

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