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The Moon's Daughter

By Marion Moynihan

The Moon's Daughter

The Moon's Daughter Details:

Published: April 2005
ISBN:       0-9552003-1-8

Sample piece from The Moon's Daughter

The Moon's Daughter

I am the moon's daughter -
I ebb and flow and drown in cycles.

Last night
I talked to my moon-sister,
told her I hated her,
her bitchiness,
how nothing is ever right,
how she even scores,
takes revenge.
She bears no resemblance to me
though we have the same father
and the same mother.
My mother noticed when I was thirteen
said I was a lovely chid... till then.

Oh Goddess of the moon
tonight take a piece of paper
in my planetary colour,
light it with a candle
and wait till it burns down
Persephone, Levanah, Aphrodite,
guide me toward the phase
of sagging breasts and dry vaginas.

I never asked to be young.

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