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New Room Windows

By Gréagóir O'Dúill

New Room Windows

New Room Windows Details:

Published: April 2008
ISBN:       978-0-955-8746-0-4

Cover Design: Anne-Marie Glasheen
Anne-Marie Glasheen's website

Sample piece from New Room Windows

At 35,000 Feet

Shining diamond arrowhead -
we lurch aside,
right wing canting steeply upward,
buttocks, cabin luggage shuffle to realign,
and pass.
Its contrail, still unfrozen, is a dirty brown
slash against the Marian blue and white.
We close its track, to where it, too, jerked to left,
pass through with angry existentialist impact.
Plastic cups spill, a startled child cries for spilt juice.

They, too, in their silver cocoon
must wonder why, in all the sky
this near miss took place
and why, in all the pain delivered
by air and sea and land
it was as good as a mile.

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