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No Place Like It

By Hugh O'Donnell

No Place Like It

No Place Like It Details:

Published: April 2010
ISBN:       978-0-95564280-0-1

Cover Design: Beth O'Halloran
Beth O'Halloran's website

Sample piece from No Place Like It

Complaints Section, City Hall

Dog-shit on the pavement
means our eyes falling shy of a neighbour's
So what are we looking at?

Railings chipped from constant rattling
of stick against taut strings. Pigeons...
Between the bars inspect weeds.

Our building site. The crane, mechanical heron,
mostly still. Officials pointing out the invisible
Sense of purpose in the air.

Swimming pool please with a wall of noise
and a playground for new mums to visit
Offer them a second traffic warden.

Children out late, living off fluorescent sweets,
gum, nicotine, beer...
Two gardaí strolling in the dark should suffice.

Add in druggies, shootings, sirens,
knives... dog-shit on both sides...
Look interested, don't forget to smile.

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