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Touching Stones

By Liam Ryan

Touching Stones

Touching Stones Details:

Published: May 2009
ISBN:       978-0-9558746-4-2

Sample piece from Touching Stones

Frank Lloyd Wright's Oak Park

His amazingly detailed houses squat,
eaves stretched out against the heat
almost touching the massive trees;
doorways invitingly hidden,
windows shaded, peering longingly
into the prairies of his future.
Where was he, what was the restlessness,
what hunger, what desire, what drive
took him away from Oak Park
from his home, his wife and children?

Some years ago amidst all my confusion,
the moorings of my marriage loosened
by some need, drive, hunger to love;
I recall standing on the landing
in Attanagh and telling you both
that I would not leave you;
in the months of floundering
it was the only rope of certainty
that I could hold on to,
but it was enough to pull me through.

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