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Watching Clouds

By Gerry Boland

Watching Clouds

Watching Clouds Details:

Published: June 2011

Sample piece from Watching Clouds

on being a man

there's a rumour doing the rounds
that I am not a man

it's true that men I know
can erect a polytunnel in a day
cobble a stove together
from spare odds and ends
take a car engine apart
put it back together

other men I know
can wire an entire building
knock up a tree house
between breakfast and lunch
lay a stock-proof fence single-handedly
figure out how the world works
by simple observation

I am bereft of manly skills
can do none of these things

I am not remotely bothered by any of this
I remain cool and calm inside this knowledge
in what you might call an emotion-free zone

I am it would seem a man after all

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