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Watching Clouds

By Gerry Boland

Watching Clouds

Watching Clouds Details:

Published: June 2011

Sample piece from Watching Clouds

Sandra is heading to the capital

she's lost again, this eternally hopeful
thirty-something short-haired blonde
making the best of what God gave her

the men have taken over the conversation
one in particular
with his Seymour-Hoffman voice
his talk of Warhol and Pollock
of Columbia and MGM
a lecture on documentary film making at its best

it's a steady stream of references and name
droppings and hard won deals
agents and lawyers and getting the backing

his captive, a slightly older man
with suave glasses and greying hair
who seemed reasonably content to go along
with the blonde's amiable chat
now reverts to type, defers to Mr Big opposite
in a refined New York accent
he asks the right questions
shows the appropriate level of interest

Sandra, I am calling her Sandra
has dropped her head in submission
has opened her new Maeve Binchy
has not read a single line since Mr Big got on
she hopes he will disembark at Maynooth
but frankly she doesn't hold out much hope
these guys are heading to the capital
where Mr Big will meet other Mr Bigs

Sandra too is heading to the capital
she will meet no one as she makes her way
via her local SuperValu
to her neat little box flat by the river
where she is guaranteed
to feel safe and lonely

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